MIXING in a control room engineered by David Gold makes a serious difference too.

A David Gold Engineered Control Room That’s Properly Equipped to Match.

Designed with once-past-the-ears acoustics for flat, even, accurate response throughout. Three sets of monitors, analog outboard and the latest plug-ins help facilitate mixes that translate consistently across any listening environment.

Measuring in at 30′ X 20′ with a 17-foot piece of glass, the Analog Chew control room is comfortable with ample seating that’s good for a hang, along with the crystal-clear playback. Pristine sound throughout means there’s plenty of vibe for everyone–regardless of listener position. There are soffit-mounted, custom-built TCM (Tom Carlile) mains. Near/mid-field duties are handled by a pair of Event Opals–finally augmented by a pair of Yamaha NS-10s for additional reference.

Just playing tracks back through the Neotek Elite console makes an audible difference for mixes that sound bigger, with greater depth, separation and a wider stereo field that’s a world apart from just mixing in the box. Some producers and engineers book the room just for mix projects and mastering.