TRACKING in a room engineered for sound from the ground up makes a difference.

A Living Testament to David Gold’s Acoustical Engineering Brilliance.

The last studio that David Gold designed, Analog Chew was engineered from the ground up for recording.

Analog Chew’s live room was designed as a slightly larger hybrid of Gold Star Studios’ A and B rooms, borrowing from the strengths of each. David Gold perfected what he’d learned through the years at Hollywood’s Gold Star and fine tuned this room for capturing the creative spirit of performances while retaining maximum isolation for mixing. The room has a live yet controlled sound with a distinct, audible clarity. Measuring at just over 40′ X 40′ there’s plenty of room to do pretty much anything you want.

Some clients come to just track drums because of the sound and our microphone and gear selection. And they like to hit 2-inch tape on the way into Pro Tools too. So come by and check it out for yourself. You can really hear it. Find out why Grammy-winning producers and engineers call it, “The best sounding room in San Diego. Period.”